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About The Dog Nannies

Dog Nannies started back in 2003, when founder Kate Twisk’s twin daughters started school.  Kate wanted to go back to work, but also wanted the flexibility to have time off when her children were ill or on holiday.  She’d been caring for the family’s own dogs, cats, rabbits, fish etc. for years, and the idea of taking dogs out walking for owners who couldn’t worked brilliantly.  During school holidays the children come too!

Dog walkers

Since those early days, Dog Nannies has grown to include John, Lucy, Phoebe and Jenny walking dogs in and around Marlborough and Jack B and Kate C walking dogs in and around Burbage.

The Dog Nannies are members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and are Fully Insured.

The Dog Nannies: Dog walking and pet-sitting service, pet taxi and home concierge. Est. 2003



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