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Frequently asked questions

What area do you cover?

            We are able to walk dogs in Marlborough, Manton, Mildenhall, Ramsbury, Ogbourne, Aldbourne, Rockley, Broad Hinton, Avebury, Overton, Lockeridge, Clatford, Fyfield, Clench, Oare, Pewsey, Manningford, Woodborough, Alton, Burbage, Collingbourne, Bedwyn, and Froxfield.

How long is the walk?

            Most healthy dogs need at least 45 minutes of proper exercise, so the free section of the walk will be at least that long.  There will also be time on a short lead getting to and from the area where the main part of the walk takes place, unless we feel like going further, in which case the dogs all ride in the back of one of our Dog Mobiles, all of which are properly equipped for safe transportation of dogs large and small.

What time of day do you go?

            We normally go in the middle of the day, to suit most people’s working patterns, so that your dog doesn’t have to spend more than four or five hours alone.  We can go earlier or later if that suits you and your dog better.
            In very hot weather, we will go earlier in the day, and stay in the shade and near water.

Where do you walk?

            Anywhere that is safe and fun within a five mile radius of where you live.  We particularly like Savernake Forest, West Woods, Martinsell and Oare Hill, Rockley Downs, Wilton Water, the Water Meadows between Marlborough and Mildenhall, and Treacle Bolly and Granham Hill (when the cows, sheep and horses aren’t there…)

Is my dog allowed off the lead?

            If you are happy for your dog to be off the lead when we are in a secure environment, and once your dog has become used to his or her walker, we prefer the dogs to be off the lead!  A free dog burns off more energy and has more fun.  Naturally, both you and we need to be happy your dog will come back when called.  (Please see ‘What if my dog goes missing’ below).

My dog is usually fine off the lead, but has issues with … joggers… cats… cyclists… horses… people with carrier bags… two-stroke engines… people with sticks….

            When you first register with Dog Nannies, your regular walker will come to meet you and your dog, and will make exhaustive enquiries about your dog’s personality and behaviour.  If we know about your dogs little foibles, we can accommodate them.  Various regulars have a ‘thing’ about all the things listed above!
            Your dog’s first walk with your regular walker will be one-to-one, so that both can get to know and trust each other.  Subsequently your dog will be introduced to other regular clients who your walker thinks they will get on with.  Most dogs very quickly establish a relationship with their fellow dogs and enjoy running and playing together.  If two dogs clearly don’t get on, we won’t force them to be together, but will re-jig the schedule so they go with a different group.

Why do you only walk six dogs at a time?

            If an unexpected hazard appears, for instance a tractor, we can comfortably manage three leads in each hand.  Any more, and the leads may start to tangle, and the dogs become upset.  Also a group of more than six can develop a ‘pack’ instinct, and behave badly.  And finally, our insurance doesn’t cover us for more than six dogs at any one time.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs.

            In which case, your dog will get a one to one walk; this will however be more expensive.

What happens when my dog’s regular walker is away?

            We all meet up from time to time with our regular dogs so that all of us have a chance to get to know each other, that way it’s not a shock when someone is off sick or on holiday.  We do have limited capacity during school holidays, and if you know you are going to need us, it is worth booking well in advance.

My dog has health problems.

             We can administer medicine, take the dog for vet’s appointments, and will watch out for symptoms.  We do everything you would do for your pet yourself if you were there.  If your dog is elderly or convalescent, we will play gently and give company rather than go for a walk.

I’m getting a new puppy.

            We love to be involved in the early stages!  We can come round and give meals and a playtime, or keep the puppy with us during the day if you are unable to take the time off that ideally a new puppy needs.  Sadly there is no right to maternity leave for a new puppy, although they need people around just as much as a toddler for the first few weeks.

What if something disastrous happens while you are caring for my dog?

            If a dog is injured or falls sick while we are in charge, we will head straight for the nearest vet.  We will contact you at the earliest opportunity, but the welfare of the dogs comes first, and if it’s a choice of making a phone call or driving to the surgery, driving to the surgery will take priority.  Please note our insurance does not cover vet’s bills, and we strongly advise you to take out insurance, e.g. PetPlan, to cover this.

Thankfully we have only had to make three emergency trips to the vets since we started back in 2003, all with successful outcomes.

We will go to your own vet if possible, but in an emergency, we will travel to the nearest surgery.  Most insurers will settle the bill no matter what vet performed the treatment needed.

What if my dog runs away or goes missing while in your care?

            If you have given permission for your dog to be exercised off the lead, this is always a remote possibility.  Since we started in 2003 four dogs have gone missing while with us. All were eventually found safe and well. One appeared 15 minutes later at his owner’s favourite pub! 

If after half an hour of searching and calling the dog is still missing, we will check that the dog hasn’t returned to his home. We will contact you, and we will help look as long as we can, but we may have to leave the dogwalking area to fulfil our responsibilities to other dogs. We will help put up ‘missing’ posters.  We strongly advise you to take out the ‘missing’ part of your e.g. PetPlan insurance.

We rely on owners to tell us if there are any situations in which the dog might be spooked and run away. 
If you are at all worried please don’t hesitate to request a long-lead walk, it costs exactly the same. If a dog persistently fails to respond to recall, we will walk it on a long lead anyway.

What if my dog causes an accident, damage or injury?

Obviously we do our best to avoid situations where this might happen, but if it does, this is what our insurance is for.

I’m going on holiday and my dog hates kennels/hasn’t got up to date vaccinations.

            We can keep your dog with us during your holiday; he will get all the comforts of home, including the use of the dog sofa.  We can only have dogs from one household at a time, so please book as early as possible for school holidays.

I’ve got loads of animals but I have to go away.

            Sounds like you need a house-sitter.  We can move in while you’re away and do it all.  We are fully insured for this.


How we can help:
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The Dog Nannies are members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and are Fully Insured.

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